Redhawk Today was a "first" for me.  Well yes, even writing this blog entry is a "first" for me … but that is not what I am talking about.  I spoke, today, at Naperville Central High School.  It is not just any high school.  It is where my children go to school.  It wasn’t my first time to speak at a high school and not my first at Naperville Central.  In fact it was the fourth time I have spoken to the NCHS Leadership Class, which is part of their physical education program that is getting national attention.  I am always scheduled to talk on "taking risk" just before the class begins their sessions on the high-ropes course.  I present in three classes back-to-back.  But today was different.  I didn’t just teach the content on "taking risks" today … I lived it.  The "first" for me today, was that my daughter Kelly was a participant in the first session.  She was living the content of "taking risk" as well.  Kelly had never before seen me deliver a presentation.  I know what she was thinking … you had better be good (and not embarass me!!).  It must have gone well since she smiled and waved from across the room as she was heading out of the class … and gave me the thumbs up when she got home!  I guess it is a good thing that I didn’t tell her that being in front of top executives is easy for me compared to an audience of high school students!!  It wasn’t the biggest presentation I will give this year … just the most important.  It’s funny how little things are the big things.  I was reminded of that today.