NOTES of GRATITUDEThe 2nd Annual Twelve Days of Gratitude (Dec 1st- 12th) is underway.  Last year I introduced the 12-Days of Gratitude in my Front Porch Newsletter and again made the challenge in the recent November issue.

The concept is to write a note of gratitude to 12 different people who have made an impact in your life.  One note each day for 12 consecutive days … from December 1st through 12th.  If the intended recipient is still alive, mail it to them.  If not, simply tuck it in a treasured file.

Last December, numerous people took-up this challenge.  Some managed to write all 12 days … others did whatever they could.  All of them would tell you it transformed their awareness of gratitude.  It will take you about 10-minutes a day, yet the return on investment just might change your life!

Numerous people from across the nation have emailed me letting me know they are taking up this year’s challenge.  And it is not too late for you to do the same … we are now on DAY-3 but it will only take a few minutes for you to do three notes today to catch-up … and then just one a day for the rest of the journey.  If you do … I have a feeling, beginning on Sunday, December 13th, it will likely transform how you experience the 12-days of Christmas!

Grab a stack of notes cards and a pen … and let your celebration of gratitude begin!