Hour_Glass_1 It's no wonder, as adults, we don't take time-outs.  As children grow-up, "time-outs" are what they get when they have done something wrong.  I realize the theory behind a "time-out" is so that you can stop and think about what you have done.  Imagine that — stopping to think.

I am usually running pretty fast and am as guilty as most anyone with taking the time to "punish" myself with a "time-out."  The last two days, I had the rare occasion of two time-outs back-to-back.  Yesterday, I spent the morning with two longtime speaker friends from the National Speakers Association IL Chapter (Christine Corelli and Pat McWard).  We always enjoy connecting to compare notes on our speaking businesses and share ideas that we think will be helpful for each other.  I spent the better part of this morning with my good friend and professional photograper, Jimi Allen.  Jimi and I are in different businesses but share many similiar passions about our work.  Jimi is an incredible photographer, but more importantly an amazing human being.  I think Jimi and I could spend a week together and never stop thinking of things to talk about!

I always walk away from our conversations thinking that I need to "punish" myself with a time-out more often!  When is the last time you took a time-out to really engage in a meangingful conversation?