hour_glass_1This morning, I was attending a breakfast meeting for the Chicago Executive Forum. After listening to a thought-provoking presentation, we were given some questions to discuss at our table. The presentation and the questions triggered some meaningful conversation. My friend, Tricia Krohmer, was sitting at our table … and one of her comments really got me thinking:

It was simple and powerful … knowing the difference of having intentions vs.being intentional.

Just a few letters different … but worlds apart. Both take effort. Both require some level of focus. But one is a way to set some goals … and one is a way of life. One depends on the hope of someday … and the other is about making the most of this day.

In a world that is exponentially moving faster … I think it would do us well to recommit to being more intentional. Maybe then our good intentions wouldn’t be needed at all … for they would, most likely, have already been done!