Research would show that a high percentage of New Year resolutions have already gone by the wayside just 5 days into the New Year. I quit making New Year’s resolutions long ago … admittedly, to some degree, because I probably fell in this gone-by-the-wayside percentage far too often! Yet, I’m not alone. So, it begs the question:

Why don’t these resolutions stick?

New Year resolutions are good for as far as they go. For some people, they mark an attempt at some form of improvement around a specific behavior. That can be a positive thing indeed. Yet, like many workplace improvement initiatives, they can be random and disconnected. Often they are reactive rather than responsive to something much deeper and intentional. The New Year always offers the opportunity for a new beginning.

As does every single sunrise.

Rather than starting or stopping a specific behavior, maybe it’s time to pick-up the shovel and start digging for something deeper, richer and more systemically connected to real transformation. Recently, 800ceoread issued a manifesto on my book, Return On Integrity (click here to access). As you start the New Year, this ROI manifesto might just stir your thinking beyond just tweaking a thing or two.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about what you’re tweaking or transforming!