Images This morning I received an email from a great friend.  Just three years ago, David Fahrenkrug and I could sit and enjoy a 3-hour lunch in Oakbrook IL.  We could sit and cover a number of topics from family to trends, world events to faith, and the journey of life itself.  At the time, the Air Force was putting David through a doctorate program at the University of Chicago.  Last month the Air Force gave him another assignment — the command of the 379th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron in the Middle East.  I know if I was serving in the Middle East, I would want to be under David’s command.  He is one of the smartest, substantive, authentic and faith-filled individuals that I have met in my life.  With his beautiful family back in the USA, it reminded me how much sacrifice has been endured to provide the independence we celebrate today. 

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, today, I will be gratefully celebrating our freedom (which oh so many take fully for granted) and I will be thinking of David and all the men and women who are serving in danger’s way.  I pray they will be kept safe and, sooner rather than later, they will be able to celebrate the Fourth of July at home with their families back in the USA!