Cubs_flag  I am in New York.  It’s the best of times and the worst of times … the Yankees are celebrating and the Mets are on the verge of making history in blowing the biggest lead in baseball.  But I’m thinking about our Cubbies back in Chicago … who are once again blowing their own lead.   Maybe they are just resting up for the playoffs and counting on the Milwaukee Brewers to just keep losing as well.  Probably not a good formula to count on someone else’s failures to acheive your success!  Of course, that is not what the Cubs are doing … they are just trying to keep things exciting to the end!  It is amazing how in playing 180+ games in a season how EVERY GAME counts!!  The same is true in our life … EVERY DAY counts.  I hope the Cubbies can pull it off and make it to the playoffs, so we don’t hear the same century-old Cubs motto again … just wait until next year!  It would certainly be fun to see the Cubs in the playoffs … and, except for the White Sox fans, it would give us something fun to think about until our Super Bowl Chicago Bears can regroup their offense!  What are you currently hitting the snooze on and putting of until next year … that would be better to get going now?  Go Cubs!