j0440035Today is the beginning of the rest of the journey.  I guess that is true of every day … but today is really special!  In working with Jimi Allen Productions we are excited to launch a completely new fully integrated online experience for Keynote Concepts!

We have a completely new look, but I hope you will find this relaunch goes way beyond new looks.  We hope you will find it to be a entirely new experience.  And we are just getting started.

We have moved-on from my original blog “Lessons in the Silence” to incorporate the “Front Porch” mantra for both the blog and e-newsletter.  This change was partially because “Silence” didn’t seem to fit our brand new blog that will incorporate audio and video blogs along with the regular narrative postings.  It also allows us to integrate all prior Front Porch newsletter articles for retrieval within the new blog.

This new Front Porch Blog also pulls together all of the elements of our Social Networking sites.  Simplicty with substance might be a good way to describe our intentions with this new online experience.  We hope you find it to be both simple and useful.

We also hope you will allow technology to bring current updates directly to you by clicking either th  EMAIL BLOG UPDATES or RSS BLOG FEED in the column to the right.  Either of these will provide you automatic notice of updates in a way most useful to you.

We look forward to visiting with you in new and refreshed ways on “The Front Porch!”