Cubs FlagOK … yesterday was on the serious economic stuff … but enough of that.  We have to get focused on the really, really serious stuff.  The kind of stuff that takes 100 years to recover when things don't go right.  I'm talking about the Cubbies … and the journey to their 100th Anniversary World Series Run!  It is gonna be a wild ride … so get ready for some fun.  My good friend and poet, Greg Asimakoupoulos, puts it all in perspective with his pen and prose setting the stage for a championship destiny outcome every Cubbie fan knows!  It's truly the chance of a lifetime!


The Rest is History

A hundred years have gone and come

since last a Series we have won.

But it appears this is the year

our Cubs will end the curse.

There's nothing like a century

to test a team's tenacity

to end up at the Autumn dance

that's held in Wrigleyville.

And while it's true bears hibernate,

our team is very much awake.

A hundred years of napping's done.

The rest is history.

by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Author of Rhymes and Reasons