It has always amazed me how large trees can weather the most intense storms. Their root system provides enduring strength, and it helps them stand strong in the best and worst of circumstances. Our core is like the root system of a tree. It enables us to endure the onslaught of daily storms and sustained periods of challenge. Likewise, a strong core also enables us to manage our ego in the midst of sustained success.

A strong core holds us tight. If we are without a defined core, we’re likely holding-on tight to weak substitutes called attachments. These attachments come in many forms. Sometimes they are rules, policies, or traditions. Other times they are titles, positions, or power itself. For some, attachments are cliquish relationships. Attachments are the fertile ground where sacred cows are born. When we cling to attachments, we tend to hold-on to everything. Yet, embracing your core values allows you to give confidently. There is a great difference between the impact of attachments and the impact of living one’s core values; the results couldn’t be further apart.

In your professional journey, what have you found yourself holding-on to that only a strong sense of your core would allow you to release?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.