Stated organizational values, in the absence of intentional personal values, can easily become a measurement for judgement rather than a method of personal accountability within the organization. Core values don’t like to be used … they like to be lived!

Yet, when it comes to values, judgement comes easy.

Most organizations miss the mark by proclaiming a set of stated values and expecting everyone to naturally embrace them. They can easily become another form of measurement if they are ever referred-to again at all. More likely, the organizational values surface in a convenient time for judgement … on others, of course.

Personal values operate quite differently. It is hard to react to a set of our own personal values when we have done the homework to intentionally discover them. Instead, we respond to them day-in and day-out. Our personal values, in-turn, become the lens through which we see, understand and engage the organizational values on a personal level.

Rather than holding court, our personal values allow us to court others by our example.

Organizational values don’t stand on their own, which leaves plenty of room for judgement. An organizational culture, engaging the expectation of defined personal values, sets the framework for far more inspiration and a lot less judgement.

What do you think? You be the judge and share your thoughts and experience below!