Beach_bumI heard this was going to be fun.  But that was an understatement! Each year on the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend, I commit to reconnect with some great friends down in Tybee Island, Georgia.  We always hated to miss the highly-touted local "Beach Bum" Parade that is normally scheduled over the following holiday weekend.  That is until this year … when it was moved up to our traditional weekend visit!  The rescheduled parade gave us a chance to have a prime viewing spot on the first 100 yards of the parade route.  This is not your normal passive parade viewing experience.  This is serious business!  Every float … and there were a ton of them … is armed with industrial water guns.  The floats carry huge water tank reserves so they can reload throughout the route.  Some even fill their tanks with ice water!  I am really glad we had somewhat equipped ourselves with a hose, nozzle and an ice bucket.  I personally wasn’t very well equipped … but my little 16-oz disposable red cup reloaded quite nicely!    I heard you would get SOAKED, but this was ridiculous … ridiculously funny.  It was a water fight on steroids.  And those industrial water guns pack a punch.  They would have hurt if I hadn’t been laughing so hard.  I don’t think I have laughed so hard for so long in years.  Everyone was laughing.  There was no way that you could hit the snooze button at this parade.  It was one of those fun wake-up calls … that reminded me that we don’t laugh near enough!