Leblanc2004_opti OK, OK … alright already.  I mean what are friends for.  In the case of my blog, (at least for this month) they are my conscience.  Nothing like coming home from a busy road trip (I’m trying to build a bit of sympathy here for my failings) to get a voice mail that says "Hey dude … is your new blog a BLOG or a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER?"  I know, I admit … my last entry was almost a month ago.  June 27th to be exact.  But the real call of accountability comes today.  It is the monthly call with my business coach, Mark LeBlanc.  Yep, you got it … I can say "Mark, just got my latest blog posting out this morning!"  It will sound like I am so on top of it!  But Mark is way too smart to fall for that because he’ll come back with some profound question like "that’s great (as I shamefully feel good) and when did you post the one before that?".  Bummer.  Accountability has snuck up on me again.  But Mark is totally cool.  He holds me accountable because he is my business coach, but mostly because after 6-years of coaching me he is my friend.  And he really cares about my mission.  Always has.  Mark is all about simplicity and consistency.  I remember, early-on in our coaching relationship, Mark saying "most people fail because they never master the complexity of simplicity."  Simple is hard to do … especially when you apply the criteria of consistency!  Mark’s book Growing Your Business is small.  A little royal-blue paperback book of about 80-pages.  But don’t let that deceive you.  It will kick you and your work in the butt … and get you moving in a simple and consistent direction.  It is really written for people who want to start a business and small business owners who want to grow their business.  The truth is it is for anyone who wants to get consistent with simple.  Great stuff … until it’s time for my monthly call.  I could use the old line "it has been a really busy month" … but that is not going to work since Mark was just inducted earlier this month as the National President of the National Speakers’ Association … which is one big job on top of running his own business.  So he isn’t going to want to hear about busy.  Busy is no excuse for not getting the simple, but important, things done.  OK, before you throw any stones … what simple thing do you need to get done today.  I’d love to hear about it!  I’ll be back on this blog … sooner rather than later!  In the meantime, I better go get ready for my call.