nsa_member_logo3Last week I attended the National Speakers Association’s National Convention in Phoenix.  As usual, it was a whirlwind, but I always go to get the “most” out of it.  Here are a few of my “mosts” as I reflect on my experience at this year’s convention:

Most fun … no question, it was science teacher Steve Spangler. It was refreshing to experience his love of science and how he makes learning fun for everyone. You should check-out his website and some of his hilarious science “experiments” on YouTube. I wish Steve had been my science teacher! He was for an hour and I loved it!

Most inviting … meeting Mike Robbins, formerly a star athlete at Stanford University and professional pitcher with the Kansas City Royals organization. Mike’s newest book is Be Yourself: Everyone Else is Taken … I love the title and really enjoyed connecting with a new friend.

Most meaningful … being invited to a gathering to “lift-up” my long-time business coach and friend Mark LeBlanc on the eve of him completing his term of service to NSA as the National Past-President. It is amazing when you get a group together to share what is appreciated in others … and how you simply leave completely filled.

Most likely … whining about the economy. When you have a great business coach like Mark LeBlanc, you are not allowed to use the economy as your “excuse” for not doing what you should be doing. I liked what Kim Snider had to say about this economy … it is a magnificent opportunity!

Most uncomfortable … the chairs, of course. I hate sitting in those hotel conference chairs. They are hazardous to your health, well, at least to your butt!

Most comfortable … seeing my publisher and friend Clint Greenleaf, long time friends Joe and Jill Healey and their beautiful family, and, as always, connecting with my mastermind group … Barbara Glanz, Bev Smallwood, and Jolene Brown.

Most memorable… no question. It was Nando Parrado’s sharing his story of the Miracle in the Andes. When someone crashes in snow covered mountains, survives 72-days before being rescued and you get to hear first-hand of the journey of this miracle, you can bet it is memorable! Not only is it memorable, it is quotable …

Most quotable … Nando survived the crash. He had arranged for his mother and sister to come on the trip. They weren’t so lucky … and Nando reflected, “Some questions in life simply don’t have an answer.” Everyone listening seemed to get what he meant. After hearing his heart-wrenching and exhausting story … his final quote that desribed all the events in his life since then made total sense: “I don’t have problems in life … just a few issues.” Somehow after hearing Nando tell his story … this horrible economy didn’t seem so bad after all!

Most important … taking action on just a great couple ideas I discovered at the Convention.  What is something you have been meaning to take action on from a conference? Or a new connection with whom you have been meaning to follow-up.  Take a moment, pull out your notes and make it happen today!