Like all things, passion can have its dark side. We can get caught up in the momentum that our passion creates. You could describe this as the ends justifying the means. But it’s a bit different than that. The end justifying the means is a bit of an intentional justification. Blinded passion is more subtle and fully unintentional. You might think about it in terms of the old wisdom of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Much like the drift—you are blinded to its tightening grip.

Passion can curdle values into a toxic mix. Our values are the thermostat that shuts down all systems when passion begins to overheat. Otherwise passion becomes opaque within us and can eventually create a blind spot in all we see, and eventually in all we don’t see.

Values must precede passion. Passion is a beautiful thing when fueled from a well-defined core.