Arch I am in St. Louis for a presentation to a group of exceptional college students.  I have always liked St. Louis … I love The Arch and I love connecting with college students.  The Arch and the students have a lot in common.  Both represent a gateway … the Arch as the gateway "to the West" and the students as the gateway "to the rest of their life".  As I look out my 12th floor hotel window, I see the Arch directly across the street.  The slight accent light creates a simple, yet dramatic effect in the night sky.  Its reach to the sky is inspirational.  And tomorrow, I know I will meet students whose maturity reaches beyond their years … and that will be just as dramatic.  Both provide hope for the road ahead.  Both challenge us to think of what new beginnings are waiting us.  The question becomes … do you hit the snooze or walk through the portal?  The Arch stands waiting to welcome you to your road ahead!