On December 31, 2015, the last Thursday of the month, we published the last issue of the Front Porch Newsletter. For 13 years it covered a wide range of topics, eventually focusing ever-increasingly on core values month-to-month.  As my work became laser focused on the importance of the intersection of personal and organizational core values, we retired the monthly articles of the Front Porch and introduced the shorter weekly thoughts of Dig Deep which explore and expand on the content of my just-released book, Return on Integrity.

Six months into this new season, and 8-weeks after the release of the book, we have paused to see how we can best serve both those who prefer more frequent shorter thoughts … as well as those who prefer the deeper-dive on a monthly basis.

Next Thursday … we will announce exactly how we plan to address the best of both worlds allowing you to choose whichever is most valuable to you!

We will continue to stay anchored on the most untapped and impactful resource available to any leader … their ROI … Return on Integrity.  Yet, whether you are the leader of a major corporation, an upstart entrepreneurial adventure, a not-for-profit organization, a church or a family … we promise to keep digging deeper and deeper to share thoughts, insights and wisdom discovered by those who have made the commitment to “dig deep” in their own leadership.

We’ve only just begun … and hope you will continue to dig with us … in a format customized to serve you in the way you like it best!