When you start digging for your core values, it’s really important to start with the right question. That simple question is … what are my values?

When you replace “are my” with “do I” you get a completely different question.

While it forces you to change the last word from plural form to singular, it also changes it from a noun into a verb… more importantly into a desire. It’s amazing how two different words in the midst of a question can completely change where you start digging. And more importantly…what you will find.

The question, “what do I value?” isn’t a bad question. In fact, it can be helpful to flush-out some very important wants and needs.  Starting there, however, can be misguiding. In fact, you may very well come to “value” something that is in contradiction to a core value. That is much more likely when you start exploring what you value without the knowledge of what your values are.

Subtleties matter. As do the specifics you discover at your core…when you start with the right question!