As we turn the calendar to June, you can just feel it and see it … everything seems to be lightening up just a bit. School’s out for summer. Traffic’s already lighter. And for many, modified work schedules have kicked into gear. Even clothes are getting lighter in weight and color.

It just feels like the perfect time to lighten up. And it begs a question:

What are you lightening up this summer?

I’ve decided to lighten up this DIG DEEP BLOG a bit. For the summer, we’re letting go of the “every” Thursday post … while hanging-on to our long-time deeper-dive posting on the “last” Thursday of the month.

Yet, lightening up doesn’t just mean taking it easy. It’s about creating space. And trusting that in that breathing space … the seeds of something new are planted.

Who knows what the harvest will bring?

Just clear the field a bit and see what happens. I think you will find that playing and planting can go hand-in-hand. The harvest will come soon enough.

How are you clearing space? Share your summer space plan for lightening-up … it could very well enlighten the space planning for all of us!