Tank_johnson It is a sad day in Chicago.  Not because the Bears won’t have Tank Johnson on the field to help defend their NFC Championship Title and a hopeful ride back to the Super Bowl.  But it’s sad that we have yet another high-profile example of someone who didn’t learn their lesson.  Tank hit the snooze one too many times.  If there is someone who had every alarm going off in his life, it was Tank Johnson.  As an awesome defensive tackle he has rung the bell of many opponents.  But this last year his "bell" had been ringing.  Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears’ organization did everything they could trying to wake Tank up.  The truth is that only Tank knows his real struggles.  It would be easy, as many will, to sit back and throw stones at Tank.  Maybe our time would be better spent in using Tank as our own wake-up call to ask ourselves where we are hitting the snooze.  Today, the Chicago Bears sounded an alarm that was anything but silent … thanks, but no thanks.  Imagine if Tank had refused to snooze?  It’s never too late for Tank or any of us to wake-up to something on which we have been snoozing.  Don’t go back to sleep watching how this story ends … if you do, you might miss the media frenzy of Paris Hilton’s departure from jail.  But that’s another story.  Talk about a cat with nine lives.  Don’t think you will be so lucky.  Neither was Tank.  Wake-up … and refuse to snooze!