Ft. Meyers Beach FL

Ft. Myers Beach FL

I love the early morning hours … even on vacation!  I’m down on Ft. Myers Beach near what I think is the north end of the beach.  I actually love being at the beach any hour of the day. I like to make the most of the visit which translates into I tend to overdo things at the beach … too much sun, too much walking.

My other love is the mountains.  The ocean and the mountains are very different … yet they have one thing in common.  They put you in your place!  They remind you of the reality of your insignificance in the whole scheme of things.  I know that sounds kind of negative … but I don’t see it as negative at all!  I see it as important.  It keeps things in perspective!

Stand at the bottom of a huge mountain and look-up.  Stand anywhere on the beach and look-out.  What you see is something bigger than you!  So much bigger! 

Mountains with their slopes … oceans with their beaches and waves make great playgrounds.  They draw us in with their fun … maybe so they subtly remind us that life is about something much bigger than you!

If you don’t have a mountain or ocean close by … no problem.  Just go take a look at the night sky!  It has the same potential lesson if you will choose to see it.

It is from this reality of insignificance that we are most likely to do our most significant things!