IMG_0498As a child, my favorite night of the year was Christmas Eve. As a dad, my favorite night of the year is the Daddy/Daughter dance at our high school. Everyone dresses-up for a nice sit-down dinner and a two-hour dance to follow. It always proves to be one heck of a fun night … and this year was no exception! As usual, over 1,000 people attend. After a nice dinner, the DJ cranks it up with a unique blend of current songs the dads can tolerate and oldies but goodies that somehow the girls know all the words! The dance floor fills with the first song and stays completely packed until the last song brings up the lights.

There is a lot of laughter on the dance floor. And in the midst of the laughter I am sure there are a lot of dads waking-up to the fact the years are passing quickly and their little girls are growing up faster than they ever thought possible. But for just this one night, time stands still … and they can reflect on what a blessing their daughter is in their life.

I put this night on my calendar months in advance. What might be passing in your life where you just might need to stop and appreciate the blessing? Make a date on your calendar to celebrate the blessings in your life!