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RushingIf patience is a virtue, then I need to hurry up and get me some! It’s an old play-on-words, but probably more true today than ever — both patience as a virture and our desire to hurry-up and get it. We want to hurry everything! It is all about speed and rarely about depth. Like a jet ski skimming across the ocean, our speed can provide a thrill, but no depth. We see it in business — first to get to market with a new product. We see it in the media — first to get the story out. We see it in the rush of our understanding of moving from a local economy to a global village. We see it in a credit card economy of “I gotta have it now!”. There are times where speed is important — and there may very well be places in our life where we need to get going and speed-it-up. But even more likely, there are more places where we need to tune it back and exercise a little patience. It might be in a specific relationship, in a business deal, in a rush to judgement. In our rush to answers, we can easily lose our sense of direction. We could very well be focused on the wrong questions. Where do you need to exercise a little patience?