Time doesn’t only heal wounds. It also reveals core values.

In a world that seems to be moving ever-faster, a great emphasis is put on speed. Speed in the implementation of change. Speed to market with products and ideas. Speed to get from origination to destination. You might say that speed has taken on a value all its own!

But when it comes to the discovery or personal and organizational core values, speed of development is irrelevant. In fact, search and discovery needs to be followed by pause, incubation, assessment and reassessment of what you’ve discovered. Each of these phases leads to new discoveries, learnings and un-learnings! Time is critical…as in the more the better.

The one efficiently sprinting to the finish line of naming their core, has most likely not discovered much of anything. It is a process that takes time…a time that’s on your side…leading you slowly to your core.

You have to make the time…and then take some time.