I am often asked, “Are the words I’m looking for, to describe my core values, simply descriptions of my behaviors and choices…or are they descriptions of my aspirations?”

Neither actually.

While it’s a fair question, the past nor the future are that helpful in your process of discovery. Some leadership books point to your calendar and checkbook…how you spend your time and resources…as a reflection of your core values. Possibly…yet, possibly not. They could just as easily be a reflection of your drift.

Rather than look to the past or the future, it’s far more helpful to stay in the present and dig for the truth. You may have to dig a little deeper than you might for regrets of the past or aspirations of the future…but you will find a treasure in the truth. It will release you from the past and determine the trajectory of your future.

You can only dig in the present.  #PickUpYourShovel