J0439382 It's late again … and I am finally getting around to my moment of gratitude.  I have actually been thankful for many things that happened today.  But it is no wonder we slip into seasons that lack gratitude.  Busy-ness blurs many things and often erases our sense of appreciation.  It would have been easy to just call it quits tonight.  But I had one more important thing to do … appreciate someone.

As I walk through the "Twelve Days of Gratitude" Challenge, I decided not to create a master list of the 12 people to thank.  I decided I would let each day bring the dawning of whom I should thank. 

Today, I thought of my friend Al.  I have long respected Al, but this last year has taken my respect to a whole new level.  One of Al's 10-year-old twins was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  The road in many ways has been horrific, but Al's response has been nothing short of heroic.  Al has been faithful in journaling on his CarePage for all who care … and there are hundreds and more likely thousands who have followed his entries.  Through his entries, Al has allowed us to walk along-side him giving us vulnerable peeks inside what may be a parent's worst nightmare.  And in the midst of the darkness, he has allowed us to see the bright moments of miracles that are inevitable along the journey.

It just so happens I am having breakfast with Al tomorrow morning.  I will mail the majority of my twelve cards of gratitude.  I look forward to hand-delivering the card I wrote tonight.

For whom are you grateful today?