Is it an exercise or a way to exist?

It’s easy to make defining personal and organizational core values an exercise. Defining values is important…activating them is critical.

A dear friend, Dr. Tom Nelson, is a family medical doctor. As part of his medical practice, he has introduced a process called “Self Activation Technique,” or SAT (www.activateanddominate.com). The theory is that diaphragmatic breathing and certain pressure points can create an inside-out integrity in our neuromuscular system. Dr. Tom would describe the muscle activation process as one that allows the “physical core” of our bodies to do all the hard work. Otherwise, the flow gets compromised and the body starts demanding that other parts of itself take on heavy loads they were never meant or designed to carry. What separates SAT from other types of muscle activation is the ongoing work that can and must be done on your own in order to remain in proper muscle sequence flowing from your physical core.

This makes for a perfect analogy when it comes to our core values. Our values have to be activated on a regular basis. Otherwise, our wants needs and behaviors begin to take on responsibilities decisively meant to be anchored in our core.

Our values have to be activated on a regular basis. Share on X

In the comments below, share the nature and frequency of your values “self activation technique.”