J0436291I have never been a big fan of the Halloween Holiday.  Creeps me out!  But I was a huge fan of trick-or-treating when I was a little kid.  I can still picture those paper grocery bags we would fill to the brim.  But my most favorite candy was those candy corns.  And yes, I would eat them in “thirds.”

It has been long time since I have eaten any candy corn.  At least 8 years.  In fact I can remember the very last time.  I was at a late October business meeting on Tybee Island in Georgia.  My coworker, Sarah, and I had gotten up early to do a long run.  We were feeling great when the business meeting began.  That was until we started nibbling on the bowl of candy corn sitting in the middle of the table.  Together we finished off the whole bowl … every single piece … one third at a time!

Funny what you remember … and what you don’t.  Wishing you all treats today!