Tools for Digging.

The most important tool you will use in this process is you own personal shovel. Discover your core values takes a lot of digging. Not only does this digging build your personal “core muscles” … it also deepens your leadership insights for evolving an ever-enriching culture for building a Return on Integrity. We hope you will revisit this TOOLS page on a regular basis to discover an ever-increasing supply of tools and best practices that will further equip and inspire the work you are doing in your organization. We would love to hear about your organization’s journey … and would appreciate learning of the tools and techniques you are creating and willing to share with others. To share an idea, you can email John direct at john@johngblumberg.com.

Core Values Brainstorming List:

Over the years, I have asked audiences to think about words that would describe their core values. The Core Values Brainstorming List is a compilation of what participants initially listed when asked to think about their core values. It is just the beginning of their process to dig beyond behaviors, wants and needs … to the very core of what they value. Some items on the list may likely represent behaviors, some may reflect wants and others may be needs. And some may be a very deep core value. I make this list available only as a tool to get you thinking … to stir your thoughts, your heart and your soul. May it encourage you to begin to dig beyond the veneer of everyday life to connect to the very core of your values. In doing so, may your everyday life become more valuable!


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