theo-cubsTheo Epstein is on a mission to build something special in the organization of the Chicago Cubs … he has come to build a culture.  It was refreshing, this past week, to attend a luncheon to hear the Cubs’ new President of Baseball Operations share his vision of what he wants to engineer in the Cubs’ organization.  It is clear that his ultimate goal is to win a World Series … it may be the only real challenge left for him after taking the Boston Red Sox to a World Series Championship after 87 years of not taking the crown.  Only doing the same for the Cubs can top that.  But he is realistic and knows it will take time.  He used a familiar and appropriate analogy of it being like turning an ocean liner.  If you’re like Theo, and in your 30’s, you’ve got some time!  Theo espouses a philosophy in which many business leaders should take note … decisions in the short term should never be at the expense of sacrificing the long term.  He believes that when you are intentional about building a solid culture great things will be delivered in the long term … and they can be sustained.  Living your values and building a culture will often cost you in the short term.  Cutting Carlos Zambrano is exhibit number one.  Sometimes your short term costs help others know you are serious.  A good friend of mine once shared the wisdom of her grandfather who told her that nothing great happens quickly.  Stay-tuned.  Sometimes miracles take a while.  Every real Cubs fan knows … when that day comes, it will be nothing short of a miracle!