Img_0112 The last few days made for a great week in getting the New Year started on the right foot.  I met with my Mastermind Group in Hattisburg Mississippi last weekend and then attended our National Speakers Association – Illinois Chapter meeting yesterday.  I’ll talk more about both of those later this week …

… because last night was the highlight of my week when I had the chance to attend the Annual Daddy – Daughter Dance at Naperville Central High School.  The best part is that my two daughters, Kelly and Julie, like to attend it as much as I do (ok, almost as much as I do!!).  For me it is one of the highlights of the year.  This was my third year to attend.  Kelly and I attended her freshman year and since then we have gone as a trio.  This was Kelly’s junior year and Julie’s sophomore year.

It is one fun event.  It is a formal sit-down dinner and then the dance begins.  For the most part it is two and a half hours of dancing … and you rarely leave the dance floor!  Since all the girls have their dads with them, none of the girls have to worry about being embarrassed!!  We laugh a lot as the blend of generational music flows through the night.

But mostly it is a celebration of dads and their daughters.  And that is what makes it one of the best nights of the year.  In this crazy world, there is something special about this night.  It is all good.