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guts-cover-3dIn their JUST RELEASED new book, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg come to the one most critical trait that it takes to be a great leader — GUTS! This book could not have arrived at a better time. In a world desperately needing courageous leadership, at all levels within organizations, the Freibergs take you on a tour inside the belly of companies being served by real leaders. More importantly, they help you discover the common thread inside the belly of each of these leaders — guts. It is about the guts to do what is right, what is needed, what is unconventional, what it vulnerable, and what is lasting.

In their consistent no-nonsense style, the Freibergs move past the philosophical and conceptual preaching approach of so many books and into the factual reality of what really works. Kevin and Jackie’s research, over the last five years, is deep and thorough. The result, however, is not a documentary of what others are doing — but rather a challenge to check your own guts! This book is simply filled with practical and actionable inspiration.

One reason this book is so powerful, is because the authors really understand the topic. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg not only understand it, they live it. It is why it is easier for them to see it in others. I have known them both for over 10 years and have personally seen Kevin deliver over fifty keynotes. Simply put, the Freibergs are humble servants with a lot of guts! This isn’t a book about them, but it is WHO they are. And through their eyes, and what they have discovered in others, you will rediscover the courage inside of you. In a world that demands short-term results, with a diminishing reverence for long-term systemic impact, we must find the seed of courage that is planted inside each one of us. I can’t think of one great leader or genuine hero that didn’t tap this seed of courage. The bottom line is that each of them were gutsy. They were not foolish, but had the courage to look foolish in the eyes of the gutless.

This is no time for the gutless. Get yourself ready for rising to a new level of gutsy leadership by diving deep inside for your own gut check. Get GUTS! And get ready to make a meaningful difference in 2004!