Rory Vaden I was attending our National Speaker Association – Illinois Chapter meeting about a week ago.  It was the best meeting I have attended in over 2 years.  It wasn’t that I had any predetermined expectations of the main program of the day.  I’m not sure what I was expecting … but whatever I was expecting … well, it wasn’t what I got!

Meet Rory Vaden.  He is 26.   And he is not probably delivering the message you might think he is delivering either.  Tell Rory that his generation is filled with a sense of entitlement and wants it all and wants it now … he might just agree with you.  He might also not limit it to his own generation.  His message for success comes from a place of discipline and sacrifice.  It is a refreshing wake-up call that is hard to ignore. While Rory delivers his message with a spoon full of sugar … you find it hard to walk away and hit the snooze on what you have just heard.

To reinforce his message he is on a national mission he has branded as “Take the Stairs“.  And he isn’t asking you to do something he isn’t willing to do.  In fact, while in Chicago he climbed all the stairs of the Sears Tower … and he is going coast to coast climbing the stairs of the 10 Tallest Buildings!  As I traveled last week, I noticed Rory was right.  No one takes the stairs … they prefer the effortless escalators.  I’m taking the stairs … and seeing things just a little more clearly with each step I climb!

Rory … thanks for a great message … delivered in an exceptional way!  Thanks for helping people see the realities of life and helping them wake-up … rather than roll over and hit the snooze.