J0399657 This is one of my most favorite parts of Christmas.  In the midst of the rush of getting all the preparations readied for Christmas … these hours bring a sharp contrast.  Everyone is sound asleep, but me.  Everything is ready for celebration.  But for now … there is silence.  There truly is a peacefulness for the first time in a while.  It is almost 2:00am on Christmas morning.  All is calm … and in the darkness, all is bright.  I know it won’t last … but for now it will do.  Tomorrow will bring a different rythm, but a fun one!  But for now … it is quiet.  There is silence.  And in the silence there is a peace that seems to be reaching out.  I hope that peace reaches you this Christmas Season and grabs your heart and soul.  A New Year is dawning and there will be plenty to think about and do.  But for now, I think I will enjoy this Silent Night.  It is certainly a Holy Night.