J0433093My last BLOG was about the CUBS … you know, waiting until next year.  Alright … enough already with the smart comments asking if I was going to be like the CUBS and “wait till next year” to do my next blog entry!!   With my last blog entry on September 28th, I guess I am still not very consistent at this … at least not yet!

Have you ever been sitting in a presentation and felt the speaker was talking directly to you and no one else.  Like singled-out!  That is how I felt at church this past Sunday when the message was on the importance of daily reading and reflecting … journaling.  I have always realized the importance of journaling, but have never been very consistent at it.  And rarely do we get good at something if we are not consistent with it.  Maybe that is why I struggle with consistency on my blog.  It is a bit of a journal.  But I know the issue is deeper than consistency … I think it is about reactively moving too fast.  Just trying to get it all done!  Saying YES when you know you should be saying NO or at least NOT NOW.  Journaling clarifies and crystallizes your thoughts … helping you respond YES, NO or NOT YET at the right times to the right things.  It is like slowing down to catch-up … a bit of a paradox.  I actually don’t have any plans of slowing down anytime soon … but rather to make journaling and blogging a part of the rhythm of my days.  i am not so sure speed is the issue.  I know a lot of people who go really fast … but are very clear about what they do.  You know what they consistently do?  They reflect, read and journal each and every day.  I know if I do, I will see more clearly … and I trust you will too.  Is there an alarm going off in your life to adjust the rhythm of our daily routine?  If so, refuse-to-snooze.  It is never too late to start again.  My next blog … very soon!