The concept of “paradox” is fascinating to me. Not too far from my home, there was a neighborhood road that ended in an intersection of a well-traveled street. There was a stop sign that evidently wasn’t effective enough to prevent accidents. Beneath that stop sign, the city added an additional sign, formally painted in black letters on a white background that simply read, Look Again.

Those two words are also the invite, insight and investigative nature of paradox. It is rare, if ever, that we see truth at first glance. Danger can lurk amongst first impressions.  Our vision is tainted by our experience, our season and position in life, and the 20/20 certainty we have unknowingly created in our perspectives.

This can create quite a dilemma in truly connecting to your core. The “big dig” to our core values requires a lot of shoveling, sifting and looking at what we find. That, in itself, is tedious work.  Yet, a “first glance” at what we find is never enough. Deep into your dig, the search for core values ultimately teaches you to “look again” … and again, and again.  It is a defining nature of the digging experience.  It can be both frustrating and exhilarating all at the same time. A paradox, I suppose.