Note Cards and PensThanks to so many of you who participated in the Second Annual 12-Days of Gratitude from December 1-12.  (See details at my blog post for December 2nd).  I, too, took the time to write a note to thank twelve different people in my life.

I enjoyed writing each card and reflecting on the blessing of each person with gratitude.  My list of twelve people came from various walks in my life.  Some I have known for only a short while in my life … and others I have know for a lifetime.  All of them have made a difference.

About half-way through my 12-day run, I realized there was a need for one more day … for one more card of gratitude.  A 13th card.  And it would be going to someone I never met … at least until now.

I received an email alerting me to an opportunity to show one more installment of gratitude.  Whether you participated completely or partially in the 12-Days of Gratitude… I would ask you send this one card.  “The 13th Card.”  Address the envelope first.  Don’t even think about just signing and sending.  In this card be willing to be vulnerable and make a connection.  It won’t be that much of a sacrifice … at least not in comparison to the sacrifice they have made for you.  You should make this one a Christmas Card.  And the envelope should be address as follow:

A Recovering American Soldier 
 c/o  Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.  20307-5001

You may have never met, but when one recovering soldier reads your card, there is no question in my mind that you will be connected.  Your few moments to write this card may very well be how they feel the touch of Christmas this year.  It may very well be how Christmas touches you!