Clocky I had to laugh when a friend shared with me a new product that is for sale on the Internet.  It is an alarm clock on wheels!  You get to hit the snooze one time for a bit more rest … but there is no second chance.  You hit that snooze button twice and those wheels start spinning … launching that alarm clock right off of your night stand and racing forward across the room on a path that changes each day.  Snooze twice and you are going to be up searching for that clock to turn it off!  The name of this clock is simply "Clocky".  It sounds like such a nice name and looks so angelic for being such a little rascal! So you may ask, why would you ever buy a product that would send you on such an irritating, early-morning goose chase?  Maybe it is because we know how much we love to hit the snooze button on our night-stands.  What’s not funny about this is that we do the same with the alarms going off in our life.  We just keep hitting the snooze hoping that we can just sleep it off and all will be better.  My hope and prayer in writing Silent Alarm was that it would stimulate our thinking to help us (you AND me) wake-up to the more subtle lessons of life.  I hope through the wonders of technology that we can virtually come together on the "front porch" of this blog to raise the ongoing awareness of the silent alarms in our life.  I look forward to sharing ideas with you and learning from the responses you share back in return.  In the meantime, remember the lesson of Clocky … hit snooze and you are on a roll, but not necessarily in the direction you wanted to go!