J0439382 Yesterday, it was easy to pick the recipient of my note of gratitude … it was my son Ryan who celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday!  Happy Birthday, RYAN!

Today was a really long day that was extremely gratifying … for which I am grateful!  I am at the Lodge of the Illinois' Starved Rock State Park.  Today's snowfall made it the perfect winter paradise … for which I am grateful!

But my greatest gratitude, today, was really focused on the wonderful participants of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association's Leadership Council Program.  This group participated in Year One of this excellent program from December 2007 – March 2008.  This morning was their reunion return to Starved Rock to begin Year Two of the program.  Ninety percent of the participants were back and engaged … continuing their endless development of leadership.  It was simply a joy to be with them and witness their commitment that has been consistent since the first day we met … almost a year ago to the day.

This afternoon we also began the Year One program with a whole new group.  It was great connecting with all of these new participants and I look forward to walking the journey of their leadership development between now and March 2009.

My gratitude cards #8 and #9 are now completed.  How about you?  Only 3 more days left in the "Twelve Days of Gratitude" challenge.  There is still plenty of time to get your 12-cards of gratitude written and in the mail!