In writing my upcoming book, Return on Integrity: The New Definition of ROI and Why Leaders Need to Know It (officially releasing 4-19-16), I was continuously reminded that the further you dig into the concept of integrity, the more you discover. More importantly, in each discovery you only realize there is so much more to explore. A lot more.

The approach to my work … whether it be a keynote presentation, a book or a monthly newsletter … has never been about definitive answers. It has simply been to meaningfully stir the thinking of audiences and readers. That approach is no different with Return on Integrity.

Yet, there are some other things that are decisively different.

The first is that the publication of Return on Integrity doesn’t signify the completion of anything.  Quite the opposite.  It actually signifies a beginning. It only puts a stake in the ground that hopefully inspires a much deeper conversation.  It’s a conversation about, more deeply than ever before, exploring personal and organizational core values.  It’s the kind of conversation you have while digging side-by-side.   Discovering together.

The second is that building a return on integrity isn’t done with a bulldozer.  It’s built one shovel scoop at a time.  Not long articles, but small chunks of thoughts … yes, to get you thinking … yet, more importantly, to get you responding with your insights so others can build upon your thoughts … with their thoughts.  It’s the kind of exploring you do while digging side-by-side.  Discovering together.

The third is that while Return on Integrity was specifically written for the leader at the top, the CEO, the business owner, the executive director, the lead pastor … it is a message for all of us … in a time such as this.  It isn’t about looking up and casting stones … it’s about looking inside and getting better.  It’s the kind of accountability you embrace while digging side-by-side. Discovering together.

Once we start digging, there’s no telling what we’ll find.  But I am certain we will be better for it.  I’m also convinced that while many shovels won’t make for lighter work … collectively, they will make for richer discoveries.

So what is DIG DEEP?

I can tell you that it will always be about one thing … stirring our head, heart, mind and soul around personal and organizational core values.  I think you will quickly see the implications it has on everything … but DIG DEEP will always be about one thing.  Return on Integrity is about intentionally starting a movement of top leaderswho muster-up the courage to more deeply explore and more tightly embrace the leadership responsibility and opportunity which core values ignite.  DIG DEEP is about engaging everyone to dig to a deeper level … regardless of the level you currently hold.

Other than that, I can only tell you how it begins.  And it will begin in a simple way.  We break ground on February 4th (a Thursday, of course!) as a very short weekly blog post.  Hence, a Thursday Thought for Deeper Digging.

I will initially send the brief weekly blog post to you via email … just as I have always sent the Front Porch newsletter.  A convenient link will encourage you to step over to the blog to dig a little deeper by adding your own pondering thoughts or intriguing questions.  DIG DEEP will evolve … as will the technology we apply to it.

When you’re planning to dig a hundred-foot-deep water well, the first dent you make in the ground is not very impressive.  But every journey must begin with the first step.  And every movement begins by putting your shovel in the dirt and applying a little pressure.

I hope you will be patient as we begin.  And I certainly hope you will grab your own shovel and stay with us.  If you do, I think you will discover something very special.

With that said, I totally understand you may perceive this is not for you.  Most people do … especially before they begin to dig.  You can easily SafeUnsubscribe below.  If you have second thoughts later, you can rejoin at any point in the sign-up section in the right hand column of our new DIG DEEP blog by CLICKING HERE.  If you unsubscribe, please know that we will miss you … along with the insights and questions you would bring along the way.

For everyone else … are you ready to dig a little deeper?  Get your shovel ready!